Spring Allergies

H. Farhadian, M.D., F.A.A.P., F.A.A.A.A.I.
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Spring is here. Trees are in bloom and fields of wildflowers blanket the landscape. This is nature at its finest... unless you suffer from allergies. Due to rain fall during the winter, pollens are abundant. Profuse runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezes, wheezes, itchy red eyes, and headaches make the victim feel miserable. The estimate is that 25 to 35 million Americans suffers from these symptoms. In the beginning of spring, the first pollens to bloom in Southern California are the tree pollens. The, grass pollens continue to bloom to the end of fall. Weeds, however, begin to pollinate in the middle of summer and continue throughout autumn.

It is not usual for a person suffering from allergies, to believe he/she has a cold. In fact, when the symptoms persist for more than a couple of weeks it is probably not a cold, especially if it repeats every allergy season. The first time a person suffers allergy symptoms it may only last a few weeks.

However, the length of time of allergic symptoms gradually increases to a few months and eventually becomes all year round or perennial.

Many times, sinus symptoms are a result of an untreated allergic condition, There are more than 25 million people with sinus problems in the United States. This condition, which currently seems to be a common problem most of the time, can be successfully treated by an allergy specialist. Sinus infection seldom needs to be treated surgically by and ear and nose specialist.

An allergist first must diagnose the problem, and then will find the cause of the allergy. Sometimes, the person needs to have a skin test. This simple procedure usually takes one hour and results will be ready at that time.

If the symptoms are not relieved by avoidance and medications, the allergist might suggest hypo-sensitization or immunotherapy. With this method, a person is treated naturally like vaccinations, therefore, the immune system becomes resistant to the agents that cause the allergy. This way the cause of the allergy is treated, not just the symptom.

The message to all patients with allergies is that you do not have to suffer from allergies every year. The quality of life would improve significantly if treated by an expert. Thus, one could enjoy the beautiful spring as if any normal person would, no matter how severe the allergies are.