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Patient Testimonials

H. Farhadian, M.D. is great! I wish he could be my primary care doctor as well as my allergist. He takes time with his patients, always answers my many questions, makes adjustments carefully. He also finds just the right balance with medications, natural remedies and tips for good respiratory health. My asthma and allergies are under control for the first time in my life.

Judy V. Santa Clarita, CA 11/12/2013

If you have to get your twice-weekly, four-shot, allergy injections, and do your best human imitation of a pin cushion, this is the place. Very friendly staff. Minimal waits. Great atmosphere! Doctor's offices often have a sterile feel to them, with cheesy music, that makes elevator DJ Music seem to jam, but Dr. F's younger staff seem to have prevailed upon him, to bump some better tunes or pop for some Satellite Quality music, and I rarely have to shift to my iPhone music, unless I am having a really anal, ADD day. Makes waiting around for the mandatory 'reaction time' that more bearable. Too bad there are no professional masseuses to ease the pain of the twice weekly shots (or a free wet bar to get your martini on like they have in those Hollywood Hair Salons-What a concept . . . get your hair done, while getting your favorite mixed drink!). I dream of things that never were and ask, why not?

Jon G. 7/30/2011